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I’ve helped many people like you overcome mental barriers holding them back. Fear. Confidence. Self-doubt. – you name it!​ I'll show you how to get out of your own head to work hard and live well.

Overcome Obstacles By Becoming Mentally Fit

Hi, I’m Coach Ambrose. I work with athletes, business people, and people who care for others, helping them overcome procrastination, self-doubt, and fear by building the mental strength needed to reach their goals and new levels of success

Ambrosewb.com is where Ambrose posts advice, tips, and thoughts on mindfulness and mental performance. The intention is to teach performers like athletes, business people, coaches, entrepreneurs, and parents how to achieve the elite mindset required to succeed in school, sports, and life.

Ambrose “WB” Wilson-Brown is a Mental Performance Coach, an online personal trainer, a mindfulness teacher, a social-emotional learning specialist, a wellness consultant, a writer, a speaker, and an all-around health and wellness practitioner. He has had the privilege of working in many different industries, from health and wellness to education and nonprofits, to name a few.

He’s been an athlete all his life, starting coaching during his last year in college, and hasn’t stopped. Since 2006, he’s helped thousands of athletes, clients, and students in the areas of m mental performance, social and emotional learning, and numerous aspects of the physical body like exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

While his personal training career had Ambrose consulting for gyms like Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness, managing a team of trainers, and helping clients manage their weight, improve their health, and perform at their best through exercise and nutrition, he now primarily concentrates on the missing link - mindset, or mental performance. He works with top performers ranging from athletes and coaches to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

From Entrepreneur to Non-Profit Professional

Early In 2013, Ambrose’s business, MISPIBO Fitness, won Milwaukee’s Best Personal Trainer(s). Later that year, he downsized to a team of one and took personal training online because it also allowed him to coach nutrition. Shortly after that, he took a middle management position at a local non-profit, helping youth break generational poverty through youth development through education, character development, and sports. 

From Training the Body to Training the Mind

As part of his onboarding, Ambrose was introduced to breathwork and meditation through a unique personal and professional development course. He volunteered, consulted, and eventually took on a leadership role in this organization. This positioned Ambrose as a facilitator working with educators, parents, and youth, sharing powerful social-emotional and physiological tools, like mindfulness and breathing exercises, with schools and social service agencies.

The Pandemic Pivot

Before the pandemic, Ambrose directed a non-profit during typical school hours and worked with his online clients in the evenings and weekends.

In the spring of 2020, he planned to re-introduce himself as a Mental Performance Coach with a mindset program for athletes. Most people either knew him as a Personal Trainer or had some vague idea that he worked as a school mindfulness teacher. Instead, the lack of certainty caused by the quarantine had put people, mostly entrepreneurs and executives, into a frenzy.

While people were asking for breathwork and meditation, Ambrose knew they needed a set of exercises, or drills, in a system that could train them to be more mentally tough to deal with whatever the “new normal” was. So, instead of launching Mental Performance Mastery for Athletes, he launched his 90 Days to Mental Performance Mastery program with a small but strong cohort of 15 people nationwide, ranging from coaches to lawyers and wellness professionals to digital marketing specialists.

He continued working with individuals on mental performance and began coaching teams and companies. Today, Ambrose regularly speaks about mental health and well-being at conferences and summits. He has spoken at unique events like the Northwestern Mutual Black Founder Accelerator with Gener8tor, Green & Health Schools Conference with ReFlo, and MKE Unplug and Retreat with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread. He’s also worked with government agencies like the United States Postal Inspection Service, Internal Revenue Service, and Criminal Investigation teams. Ambrose regularly facilitates in-person events, webinars, and virtual events with partners like Social X MKE and Newaukee.

Corporate Roles

Ambrose took his first corporate job, after age 30, as a Youth Development Coordinator in 2024 and was quickly promoted to Assistant Director of Youth Programs at Journey House before his stint as a volunteer lead to a position as the Director of Programming for a comprehensive social-emotional learning program, based on breathing exercises, SKY Schools.

Today, he is the Community Program Coordinator for Men’s Health at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center Department of Community Outreach & Engagement.

Ambrose has served on several boards and committees:

  • Board secretary of PeppNation Sports Leadership Camps, a non-profit serving youth through the power of sports, providing mentorship to help student-athletes excel at performing to their highest potential.
  • Development and Training Chair/board member of Milwaukee Youth Sports Alliance (MYSA), a citywide, collective effort to ensure that Milwaukee’s youth have access to high-quality sports programs that contribute to their overall development.
  • Board president of Next 18, a non-profit offering free golf camps to veterans with disabilities and first responders with mental health and holistic training resources and workshops.
  • Peer Advocate for the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board Community Stakeholder Advisory Council
  • Board member of Flutes at Dawn, a non-profit creating inspiring spaces where people learn about themselves and connect with others while expressing and making art/media.
The Interweb
You can find Ambrose on most social networks at @ambrosewb1 and LinkedIn by clicking here .
Ambrose was born in Milwaukee, WI, and called Harrisburg, PA, his hometown until his teenage years. He lives in Milwaukee today with his wife, Becky, and their dog Louie. He’s the oldest of all his siblings and a very proud uncle to Kingston.

Note : Ambrose WB apologizes that you had to read this in the third person, but he heard it’s the best way to get Google to rank his name. He’s okay with you judging him and hopes you forgive him.

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