Master mindfulness.

What's holding you back? Procrastination? Fear? Self-doubt? Lack of discipline? Build mental toughness and overcome any roadblock stopping you from living your best life.

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One-on-One Coaching

Overcome mental barriers faster by working directly with me to gain control over your life.


Group & Team Coaching

Gain mental toughness with the support of others who want more out of life with ready-to-use mental pillars for your success.


Presentations & Workshops

Empower and educate your team, leadership or organization to perform at their best every day.

Get unstuck with

Mental Performance Mastery

You'll get a first-class experience on:

How to build an elite mindset so you can accomplish anything.

How to maintain motivation even when life gets tough so you can stay committed to your goal.

How to gain instant focus using a proven process for when procrastination knocks on your door.

What to do when you lack self-control and/or discipline to push through.

And so much more...

"I was feeling stuck with everything that was going on. I wasn't getting anywhere with what I was doing."
- MPM Student

Clients who've mastered their mindset to achieve happiness

I have been using some of the drills to help me through my confusions. I’m a coach and have a tendency to be wired to think negatively. And as a new business owner I put a lot of judgement on myself. Coach Ambrose gave me new language and perspective to better understand me and how I was responding. He gave me actionable steps to combat moments of fatigue and reframe it to find ways to move forward.

– Amy K.

I needed something for my mental state. I struggled with time management and being very specific with my words. I’m timid and try not to say too much. Coach Ambrose's program is amazing and the people I interacted with are great. I did not want it to end. I highly recommend his program.

– Mike M.

I had some habits I wanted to create and some to stop. I have a hard time spending money to grow. My fear is that if I spend money, it will be gone. I tend to go for the cheaper options and do nothing with it. Coach Ambrose taught me new triggers and I have grown a lot professionally and personally.

– Megan C.

I learned new techniques and skills to help me when I’m feeling stuck. The signal light helped me to recognize my moods and what to do from keeping that mood pulling me in. 

– Kendra L.

I work better under pressure and tend to wait until the last second to do everything. I want to do better at targeting things better and giving myself more time, instead of staying under pressure. I realized how big my procrastination is. Coach Ambrose really made me realize that I need to be more accountable and amplified my awareness of my level of procrastination for working in my pressure zone. 

– Kyana H.

I was feeling like I was in a bit of a funk and needed something to push me beyond where I was at. But what I realized, there is this magic that happens when you work on your mindset. Stuff starts to happen, and you are growing.

– Rheanna S.

Get Focused.
Eliminate Distractions.
Build Mental Strength.

You want to build a business, start a new career, learn something new, or get into shape, but every resolution turns into a pipe dream that feels impossible to reach. Life happens and you can't seem to get out of your own way. And you soon realize that willpower and motivation just aren't enough. It's time to stop the self-sabotage and break free of unhealthy habits holding you back from living the life you want.

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